CURRENT: Josh "ODDGRASS" Snodgrass is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer, currently based in both Nashville, TN & Dallas, TX, where he is Lead Designer for Misfit Collectibles / Fossil and Founder of Visual Minds Co. Josh is actively working with partners and investors to open Visual Minds: Art Gallery + Design Co. + Tattoo Studio in Nashville (Wedgewood-Houston Area).


PAST: Florida born and Tennessee raised, Josh has been an artist from a young age. Although, he grew up in an environment where his creativity wasn't always nurtured, he created or found opportunities for himself to be creative. At early ages, this came through things like: drawing his favorite Pokemon and other TV cartoons, building LEGO sets while altering / creating "illegal" pieces with a dremel, designing homes on a computer architecture program and creating stupid videos with his friends. Through his middle and later years of schooling, he found his love for action sports (skateboarding, bmx, motocross, rock climbing, etc.), street/skate fashion, emo & pop punk music, graffiti and tattooing—all of which still remain to this day and have become heavy influences in his art.

Josh attended Savannah College of Art and Design (Savannah Campus) for four years after high school, studying industrial design with minor focus on graphic and furniture design. He graduated in early 2014 and moved to Dallas, where he took on his first career job, designing toys for Hexbug / Vex Robotics. After a couple years there and a Toy of the Year Award (TOTY) later, Josh shifted to designing watches with Fossil. Here he has designed watches for licensed brands like Puma, Diesel, Chaps & Kate Spade and in-house brands & collaborations like One Eleven, King Saladeen, Toy Tokyo, The Berrics, SkatOne and Quiccs. Under Misfit Collectibles, an internal design incubator within Fossil that creates unexpected and collaborative products for the art and collectibles culture, he is currently the lead watch, package, and NFT designer.

Towards the beginning of 2018, Josh founded Visual Minds Co. after overcoming some serious health issues. With feelings of heavy 'burn out' At this point in time, Visual Minds was just the culmination of his branding / graphic design freelance work, under a more official name. Since 2018, VMCo has taken on projects in 3D modeling / prototyping, apparel design, art direction, brand identity,  illustration, NFT development, package design,  product design, engineering & manufacturing and toy / character development.

At the start of 2020, the Skullboi character began to evolve from 'a decade long run, of page scribbles and skin doodles' to actual pieces of self expression and tangible art. The extended period of secluded time allowed for his character, bold style and strategic use of color to grow and truly flourish. In 2022, he adopted the alias/artist name, "ODDGRASS" after many years of going by his name for all of his art and design. The name "ODDGRASS," is a play on his last name and feeling like the 'odd' one or 'black sheep' for most of his life.

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Live to Create :)


EL JUGUETE:Vinyl/Toy/Plush Show (Dallas, TX)--2021

OSO FEST (Dallas,TX)--2021



WORKS OF HEART (Dallas,TX) --2022

PLAZA WALLS: MILK CRATE JAM (Oklahoma City, OK)--2022

DONUTS vs ROBOTS (Dallas,TX)--2022

POIESIS TATTOO & ART SHOW (New Braunfels, TX)--2022

I <3 ART (Dallas,TX)--2022

No Love City: CANvas Art Show (Online)--2022 **In Progress**





GalerieTangerine: HOLIDAY SALON SHOW (Nashville, TN)--2022