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"Encrucijada" by Chuavevo - 12x12

"Encrucijada" by Chuavevo - 12x12

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Hello, I'm Chuavevo, an urban artist from Córdoba, Argentina, now based in Miami, United States! I was born and raised in Argentina, where I became immersed in hip-hop culture through graffiti and skateboarding. I am the fourth generation of painters in my family.

Through improvisation, I express my thoughts on emotional states through various characters, addressing the complexities of society, everyday situations, and the emotions we all share. My work takes shape on diverse surfaces and supports, from urban murals to ephemeral installations, creating a unique visual dialogue with the surroundings.

Every stroke, color, and depicted character aims to convey the richness and diversity of human experiences. I delve into urban art as a way to express my connection with the community and explore the intersection between public space and individual creativity.

My focus is on capturing fleeting moments and transforming them into lasting expressions that invite reflection. Through my art, I seek not only to share my unique perspective but also to foster emotional connections between people and the urban art that adorns the streets. Welcome to my creative world!

Social Media Handle: @chuavevo

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