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"Azure Flame" by Jariya Designs - 12x12

"Azure Flame" by Jariya Designs - 12x12

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My name is Jesse Travis I’m a large scale mural artist based out of Melbourne Florida.

I have always been drawn to massive scale paintings, the allure of larger than life artwork captured my attention early on and became my focus. With a street art background I started my company Jariyadesigns in 2020 to install professional murals across the state. With projects in Orlando, Melbourne, Ocala, Gainesville, Miami and more.

This passion continues to bleed into every project and I’m blessed to continue art as my livelihood. Growing up on the ocean I have taken inspiration from the tides, my current line of work “Ying and Yang” focuses on balance, peace and unity. The half and half markings have become a key part of my work and I dream of painting skyscrapers with massive portraits in this style. Blessed to create and honored to be apart of an art collective such as this.

Social Media Handle: @Jariyadesigns

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