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"Heads Up" by Hans Deslauriers

"Heads Up" by Hans Deslauriers

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Due to my journey as a tattoo artist, I have developed a style that is based on the contrast and duality of aesthetics. I merge the precision of realism with the simplicity of thick lines and simplistic colors, creating harmony and defining my visual signature.

Inspired primarily by pop culture and art from different eras, I always strive to stand out so that my style is immediately recognizable. Just as in my tattooing practice, my goal is to avoid visual overload to maintain clear readability from a distance and to design works that capture attention at first glance.

I primarily use oil and acrylic, and in my approach, I seek to define a connection between the world of tattooing and fine arts. Two universes that still intersect very little. Each creation is a constant exploration, a quest for balance between tradition and innovation, between finesse and boldness. My work aims to engage in a visual dialogue, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in a world where beauty lies in the fusion of contrasts.

Social Media Handle: @hans.deslauriers

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