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"I see you" by Alfred119 - 12x12

"I see you" by Alfred119 - 12x12

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Originally from Valencia, Venezuela, I am an illustrator and plastic artist now residing in Clermont, FL. Since childhood, I've immersed myself in creative endeavors, filling every space with colorful projects. Drawing inspiration from Punk Rock and early concert experiences, I've cultivated a passion for art and self-expression.

With a background in graphic design and production, I've honed my skills and embraced a diverse range of artistic mediums. From markers to acrylics and digital tools, I explore vibrant palettes and unique expressions. Photography complements my artistic process, capturing moments that inspire my visual creations.

Beyond art, I'm an avid cyclist and outdoor enthusiast, often merging these passions in my works. Murals and projects have adorned cities like Apopka and Clermont, reflecting my connection to nature and movement.

My goal extends beyond creating art; I aim to share my vision globally through social media, bridging cultures with innovative designs. I aspire to carve a space in the international art scene while staying true to my Venezuelan roots and honoring the importance of family and friends.

In summary, I am a Venezuelan-born artist based in Florida, driven by a lifelong passion for creativity and self-expression. Through diverse mediums and inspirations, I aim to leave a colorful mark on the world stage, blending artistry with a love for nature and community.

Social Media Handle: @Alfred119

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