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"I wish I had more tentacles" by Unsophisticater - 12x12

"I wish I had more tentacles" by Unsophisticater - 12x12

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Born in a small West Virginia town shadowed by gloom and the echo of hard times, I found my initial creative outlet designing vibrant graphics as a freelance artist. Growing up in a place where joy was often dimmed, I was drawn to the vivid and lively, crafting artwork that brought color to the shadows. This drive led me from graphic design to what I truly love — tattooing, which I now do full time in my studio, ‘Why Not?’. Seeking the dynamic pulse of city life, I ventured to Atlanta and later settled in Nashville, both places rich with the bustle and opportunities I craved. Today, you can find me injecting brightness into the world, one tattoo at a time, or sketching out my next piece of playful rebellion against the mundane.

Social Media Handle: @unsophisticater

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