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"Palette Petals" by Erin Elise, Artiste - 12x12

"Palette Petals" by Erin Elise, Artiste - 12x12

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Erin’s journey as an artist started back in recess selling sketches of Speedy Gonzalez cartoons on the playground. Her grandmother was a talented watercolor portrait artist who encouraged her artistic play throughout her childhood. Erin is primarily self-taught and follows a "no-plan" approach, finding that something magical happens when creativity is given free rein.

Specializing in fine art and art tables accented with gold, Erin enjoys creating in both acrylic and resin mediums. She finds herself drawn to subtle landscapes and nature. Her pieces can be described as achieving drama through bold, contrasting colors juxtaposed with the calm of flowing, soft movement. She finds inspiration in trusting the painting process and relaxing into the intuitive guide of her brush, which she likes to think comes from a greater power.

Erin’s artistic footprint has extended to the Noelle Hotel, The Sheraton, T. Clifton Gallery, Singulart Gallery, The 2nd Avenue Art Wall, 12th Avenue South Home Tour, TedX Nashville Featured Artist, as well as residential and commercial buyers across 12 countries

Social Media Handle: @erinelise.artiste

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