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"Pineapple Kitty" by Pyramid Guy - 12x12

"Pineapple Kitty" by Pyramid Guy - 12x12

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Kanaly (aka Pyramid Guy) is an artist and muralist from Oklahoma City. With an extensive family history in the arts hailing back to his great grandfather’s Colonial Art Gallery, established in 1919, Kanaly grew up in a family of artists, art collectors, art dealers, and graphic designers. This influence propelled him into a career in art and graphic design, with a heavy focus on street art and graffiti in his early years. Kanaly’s work has received popularity through multiple awards, publications, and books, as well as being licensed by national retailers like Vans and Warby Parker. His artwork is regularly on exhibit with various regional galleries, including numerous outdoor murals and “street art” applications across the U.S. and Canada.

Social Media Handle: @pyramidguy

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