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Visual Minds Co.

"Reclaimed" by Mad of Mad Pixie Studios - 12x12

"Reclaimed" by Mad of Mad Pixie Studios - 12x12

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 Meet Nashville's own Mad Pixie, or Mad for short. 

Her work explodes with vibrant colors and bold lines, a fusion of pop art and feminist themes with an emphasis on the satirical nature of the human experience. Borrowing from media of the past, including the bold femininity of pinup girls and the psychedelic energy of 60s rock posters, Mad creates a technicolor world where empowered women, fantastical creatures, and progressive themes take center stage.
Her preferred mediums include gouache paint, linocut, screen printing, and digital. Recently she's been exploring different methods of upcycling in the form of screen printing on secondhand apparel and customizing vintage leather bags with original paintings.

Social Media Handle: @madpixiestudios

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