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"Transcendence" by DVLD - 12x12

"Transcendence" by DVLD - 12x12

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Dianne Val Douglas known as DVALD was born and raised in Jamaica before relocating to London. Prior to embarking on her artistic journey, DVALD had a background in Finance. In 2022, she took the leap and decided to pursue her passion for art full-time.

DVALD’s art is a union of sacred geometry and abstract expression, a journey toward self-improvement and inner growth. Through the visual meditation of sacred geometric symbols and the flow of abstract lines, she aspires to help people recognise the light within themselves, offering a path to inner harmony and transformation.

She initially started her art career as a stone carver and sculptor, she was then led to explore other mediums such as photography, acrylic and ink painting.

Her art is heavily influenced by various elements, including nature, sacred geometry, spirituality, and the vibrant culture of her Caribbean upbringing.

DVALD's current body of work revolves around ink on watercolour paper, where she delves into the intriguing relationship between structured sacred geometric patterns and the chaotic world of abstract expression

Social Media Handle: @diannevaldoug

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