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Visual Minds Co.

"Uhhhhhh" by RazDon'tVape - 12x12

"Uhhhhhh" by RazDon'tVape - 12x12

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Hitchhiker, train rider, ex drug addict. I was looking for purpose in this world after ending up homeless once again with no inspiration to create, to prosper or to even live.

I had nothing but a broken down car and some old art supplies. The only inspiration I could muster was to be a menace to my city. I found a hardcore can from my trunk and raz was born.

Graffiti became the reason to grow and to live, if I died I couldn’t stay up and if I didn’t get good I might as well die a toy, that’s all the inspiration I needed to strive to be here.

Now that I’m housed up and on the right path again I’ve taken what I’ve learned from the streets and put it to canvas and hope to keep creating with the same enthusiasm as I did marking up this city. 

Social Media Handle: @razdontvape

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