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"Westcoast Cowboy" by Kiel - Skateboard Deck

"Westcoast Cowboy" by Kiel - Skateboard Deck

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Madeline Kiel, born in beautiful Northern California, spent her childhood on a cattle ranch in Gold Country, fostering a deep love for western culture from an early age. Daily you would find Kiel either riding horses or painting them. If you had asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up she would have said “an artist”. Unfortunately she stopped painting around 12 due to bullying. While in her 20’s she was studying music in LA but dropped out of college to live as a missionary. This took her all over the world where she worked with many different cultures.

Around the age of 22 she picked up a paint brush again rekindling her love for art. She would paint as a way of personal therapy and sometimes sell her work, raising money to continue her lifestyle. During these formative years she fell in love with the beauty of humanity, specifically people that are over looked. Kiel left the “missions” lifestyle in 2016 to pursue music and art in Nashville TN. However the love she has for people has manifested itself in her art now in her 30’s.

Her current passion is to paint the unseen figures of The American West, telling the story of those who’s story hasn’t been told or has not been told loud enough. Focusing on Spanish, Black American and Native American figures, she hopes to use her work to add to the movement from those who have been retelling Western History for years. Using pop culture icons like Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Biggie etc she hopes to use their known image with a Western Twist to continue to break stereotypes of Western Culture. Her style, characterized by vibrant colors, soft light, and heartfelt emotion, exudes a gentle class reminiscent of modern baroque. Kiel's art has hung in galleries in Nashville, Tennessee, captivating the hearts of art enthusiasts, like Ben Weprin founder of AJ Capitals and The Graduate Hotels.

Notably, her recent portrayal of Waylon Jennings now hangs proudly in Eric Church's home. Kiel has also painted several unknown cowboys that have found their way back to the family or cowboy themselves. 

Social Media Handle: @madelinekiel

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